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Not sure if your house is market ready? We can help you raise its value with our highly skilled maintenance team!

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Landlords! Are you tired of maintenance that costs a fortune and still constantly keeps you – and your tenants – in the dark?

Tired of being the owner of a rental and all the maintenance propblems?

Are you renting and tired of latenight calls about leaking taps, broken toilets, and other unpleasant surprises? Is the renting of your property becoming a headache, where things always seem to go wrong at the worst of times?

Do you always have to struggle with your rental agent or worse, tenants who always need some small maintenance job done? Don’t worry! Annelia’s Properties for help with these problems!

Annelia Bezuidenhout
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At Annelia’s, we are willing to give you honest answers regarding the value of your property. We’d rather risk losing your listing than our integrity, but our passion for creating homes enables us to help you for as much and as long as it takes until the market catches up with the price you are looking for. Our advice is straightforward and given with a high level of expertise. Trust us with your house, and we will turn it into a home.

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The Story of Annelia's

One day, not so long ago, there was a young woman with a wonderful husband and two beautiful sons. Her husband was a pastor, and they had just moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa. In Bloemfontein, she had the chance of a lifetime to buy a house where her family could live happily ever after. She had a lot of plans for her new home, and so she prayed for her dream house-list: 3 bedrooms, a study for the pastor, a Free State hillock with lots of olive trees, and a swimming pool with privacy.

She had R220 000 to pay for all of this, and for a while it seemed like it would be impossible. Eventually, though, her dream house-list came true. It almost turned into a nightmare when interest rates and loan payments skyrocketed – and salaries did not. The young woman realised that she had to make a plan to help keep her dream alive.

She instantly knew that she had found her calling when she applied to become a sales agent for the first time and succeeded. She danced into the offices of a well-known company with wonderful colleagues to begin her career in the world of selling homes.


Did you know?

With Annelia’s Properties, raising your house’s market value is a breeze. Our maintenance team is highly qualified and knowledgeable about all of Bloemfontein’s suburbs, from Arboretum to Pellissier, enabling us to create a dream house that will stand out from the crowd. Simply contact us to find out more!


Johan Bezuidenhout
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