How to buy a house in 6 simple steps:

1. Make sure for what amount you can buy
For a rough calculation on what you can afford download the “Affordability table” document. Make sure you take your expenses into account. If you have a bad credit record you will have to use a lot of financial discipline to sort out your finances. Download the “How to detox my finances” document.

2. Dream up your dream house
This is important so that you and hubby are in agreement about what you really want.

3. Reality check
Start searching for a house which falls within you price range. To get a good idea of what is on offer use the search form to your right, select your price range and hit the ‘Search’ button.

4. Contact the agent
Once you have found the property you are looking for, get in touch with the agent by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the property details page. A good agent will ask you a lot of questions to make sure they understand what your exact needs are. Be patient and as transparent as possible to help your agent to help you. Click on “Buyers personality questionnaire” to fill out a questionnaire which will help us understand you a little better.

5. Go out with your agent and view the properties
What you see on a photo and what the house looks like in reality are two different things. Download “What to look out for when viewing houses” in the helpful documents menu for some valuable tips. Also make sure you get into the car with the agent so that you can talk about what you like and dislike; having this conversation will help your agent to gain a better understanding of what your needs are. Keep in mind that you will never find the perfect house, but you should fall in love with your house and forgive its imperfections. Keep searching until you find a house which suits your needs best.

6. You found it! Make the offer!!!!
By the time you reach this point you will be better informed and have a good idea of what market related prices are in the specific area you’re looking to buy in. If unsure about anything at this point, ask your agent! You will be surprised with their straightforwardness. Once you decide to make an offer your agent will sit down with and assist you to put into writing an “Offer to Purchase”. Download the “Offer to Purchase” document if you would like to see an example of what it looks like. To get an overview of what documents you need in order to buy a house, download “Documents needed to buy a house”.

Remember, ask as many questions as you need to! Buying a house is a big decision, so make sure you understand what you are signing. Once you have completed the Offer to Purchase document your agent will present your offer to the seller. A good agent will come back to you with and answer or feedback within 24 hours and assist you with the negotiation process. You never have to face the seller – that is the agent’s job! If the answer is positive… WELL DONE! YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE!

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