Old fashioned value or modern walk in and stay?

Prefer an old fashioned house with space or a modern walk in and stay property?
Each has its own plus and minus points. Old fashioned house are usually great value for money when you compare space and square meters. The other plus is that defects are easier to identify. You can also take your time to upgrade and in the meanwhile you have a place you can call your own. But depending on the age of the property, their might be some hidden costs like electrical problems…
With modern upgraded properties the plus is that you can stay without spending any money at first, but remember that style changes quickly over time and every property needs maintenance. It is also a given that you will pay more per square meter.
So I advise you take your own personal requirements into account and decide before hand what you want to do with your property and how much cash you have available or are you going to start a family soon, or are you near to retirement?
What I will recommend is just to think before you buy!

Annelia, Principle Estate agent @anneliasproperties

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