Property prices for last 10 years in Pellissier, Bloemfontein

According to SAPTG,  property prices in Pellissier registered  in the last 10 years were as follow:

Full title houses- 2008 median was R875000

October this year- 2017 median is R1350000

Thus  35% growth in this last 10 years. Not too great, but still quite good if you take into account our economic growth the last few years.

On the other hand, when you look at the prices of sectional titles, townhouses etc. , you will find a very small increase in growth:

Section titles 2008- median was R 559.619

October this year- 2017 median is R 650 000

Thus only 7% growth in the last 10 years. I reckon we can blame the fact that the sectional title market was flooded with to many new developments, which caused an oversupply of townhouses and forced prices to stop growing.

All my hope is on our economy growing in the next few years, if our economy runs more smoothly.

Annelia at Annelia’s properties

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